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Workout Wednesday: Try Aimee Fuller's HIIT routine
Team GB's snowboarding queen Aimee Fuller runs through her favourite high intensity interval training routine.
older woman doing exercise on the floor

Adding a bit of activity into your day doesn't have to mean hours at the gym. Take a look at this guide to get some tips on working out your own way.

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GoodGym - James Alder

James Alder

Goodgym runner

James Alder joined GoodGym, a community of runners who combine doing good in their local community with exercising, as a way of getting fit and making friends in a new city.

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David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth, Megan Fox, Mollie King

We scoured social media for free tips from the people who sculpted the muscles and toned the bodies of celebrities worldwide. If it's good enough for Thor...

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I found a reason I wanted to get out there and get fit
Endurance athlete and adventurer Sophie Radcliff on getting fit in your local park.
With young people drinking less, this workout is designed to feel like a night out.
Young people are drinking less, while the fitness industry is booming. Are people ditching the gin for the gym?
Check out the new video for 'This Girl Can', with the hope of inspiring more woman.
'This Girl Can' returns with a new message to reach women of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities to encourage them back to exercise.