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Facebook tweaks 'threaten Instapoets'

Financial Times

Tweaks that Facebook made to Instagram algorithms in 2016 are threatening "Instapoets", the FT writes.

The changes, which Facebook said were introduced to boost content from accounts the user engaged with, have pushed Instagram posts from poets lower down in users' feeds, the article says.

British-Indian writer Nikita Gill tells the FT: "Instagram is making the platform more and more inaccessible for artists and small businesses unless we pay it money to boost our posts."

Instapoets have an appreciable chunk of UK poetry sales - more than 12% of the UK's £12m market - and use Instagram as a free platform to promote their work, the FT adds.

Northern Ireland economy 'is slowest growing in UK'


Northern Ireland's economy was the slowest growing of any UK region in the first quarter of 2019, estimates suggest.

Figures from the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE) put year-on-year growth at 0.7%.

That compares with an average UK growth rate of 1.5% and a growth in London of 2.7%.

ESCoE is a consortium of research institutions that work with the Office for National Statistics.

UK labour market 'resilient despite Brexit'

BBC Radio 5 Live

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Yesterday official figures showed the lowest first quarter unemployment rate since late 1974at 3.8%.

Monique Wong, senior portfolio manager at Coutts, tells Wake Up to Money that the labour market is "very resilient in spite of Brexit".

"Earnings growth has eased a little bit from last month, but it is one number, and at 3.2% it's still a very solid number."

Those figures, plus stronger first quarter growth, tell us that "if it weren't for Brexit, the Bank of England would be thinking of raising interest rates," she adds.