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    Video caption: How Afghanistan's media is changing under Taliban rule

    The Taliban are currently on a media offensive but does their rhetoric match what’s happening on the ground?

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    Video caption: Afghanistan: Journalist Anisa Shaheed refuses to give in to Taliban

    Afghan journalist Anisa Shaheed fears women's freedoms will be curbed again if the Taliban come to power.

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    People hold placards protesting the United Nations and the "great reset" at a rally of conspiracy theorists and supporters of US President Donald Trump on January 14, 2021 in Wellington, New Zealand

    A global Covid recovery plan by the World Economic Forum has inspired false rumours about the creation of a tyrannical world government.

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    Video caption: Iran election: Wariness and welcome for Ebrahim Raisi

    Ebrahim Raisi's win in the country's presidential election has prompted mixed reactions across the region.

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    Video caption: Why Iranians have been queueing for chicken

    Long lines for government-subsidised poultry have been seen in cities and towns across Iran.

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    Video caption: The cost of calling out a 'rape joke'

    One Malaysian teenager has braved a backlash for her principled stand.

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    Video caption: #MeToo Serbia: 'I thought I was the only one'

    Balkan women have been sharing their own stories of sexual assault after Serbian actress Milena Radovic went public with her allegations of abuse.

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    Video caption: Escaping the anti-vax conspiracy rabbit hole

    Catherine became a big believer in anti-vaccine conspiracy theories but has since stopped believing in them.