Breast cancer

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    Video caption: 'Why I spent 29 hours in a spin class on my 40th birthday'

    Jackie Scully thought she wouldn't reach the age of 40, but did - marking the day with a feat of endurance.

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    Video caption: Secondary breast cancer: The women fighthing for a special audit

    Women with secondary breast cancer have called for a special audit of how many people in Northern Ireland are living with the disease.

  3. New breast cancer screening technology used in Gateshead

    A quicker and less invasive way to detect breast cancer in patients has been welcomed by Gateshead's screening team.

    It hopes the latest technology, which is a special type of mammogram called contrast-enhanced spectral mammography (CESM), will improve diagnosis during breast screening.

    Gateshead Health NHS Trust says patients will be injected with a solution before the mammogram is taken and the specialist software will detect abnormal areas which a standard procedure can not.

    An example of the new mammogram technology

    The trust's lead radiographer, Joanne Brand, said: “We are thrilled to be able to introduce this new technology that will ultimately make the experience for patients more comfortable and less invasive while providing more timely and accurate scan results."

    Breast screening team at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust
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    Video caption: Breast cancer: Couple who both had disease urge men to be aware

    A husband and wife who have both had breast cancer have urged men to be aware of the symptoms.

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    Video caption: Secondary breast cancer: 'I was 32 with a 10-month-old’

    The number of people with secondary breast cancer, where the cancer has spread, will be audited.

  6. Sarah Harding - "she beat herself up for not seeking medical help earlier"

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    Video caption: Debs James from "You, Me and the Big C" has a frank conversation with Sarah's oncologist

    Debs James from BBC podcast "You, Me and the Big C" has a frank conversation with Sarah's oncologist about the importance of seeking medical advice as early as possible.