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  1. Exhibition explores Turing's life and the new £50 note

    £50 notes

    A free online exhibition allowing people to explore the design of the new £50 note as well as the life of Alan Turing has been opened by the Bank of England Museum.

    The polymer banknote, which entered circulation today to coincide with the computer pioneer and wartime codebreaker's birthday, features a portrait of Turing and various other links to his life's work, including:

    • Turing’s mathematical formulae which was recognised for the foundation of computer science
    • The ACE Pilot Machine , which was the first electronic stored-program computer
    • The bombe machine, which was one of the tools used to break Enigma-coded messages during World War Two)
    • A wavy line of ticker tape with binary code forming Turing’s birthdate.
    Debbie Marriott

    The online exhibition features audio commentary by banknote designer Debbie Marriott who reveals more about how the note was put together.

    Speaking about the note, Ms Marriott said: “Banknote design is a unique art form and there is plenty packed into this valuable piece of polymer.

    "The banknote is a kind of ‘business card’ of the nation, which must be easily recognisable, easy to manufacture in millions but extremely hard for counterfeiters to reproduce.”

    You can view the exhibition here or on the Bank of England Museum website.

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    Video caption: What is different about the new £50 bank note?

    A behind-the-scenes look inside a high-security banknote printing plant.