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Rebecca Long-Bailey: Labour 'not looking to overturn' Brexit result

Andrew Marr spoke to the Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey MP
A Labour MP's call for a general election angers a Question Time audience member
Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long Bailey says says Labour wants a general election - angering an audience member.

Salford MP says PM has 'let many people down' over Brexit deal

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As Theresa May tries to win colleagues' support for a draft Brexit agreement between the UK and EU, MP for Salford and Eccles Rebecca Long-Bailey has said the draft agreement “lets people down”.

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The Labour MP and shadow secretary of state for business reiterated her party’s position, saying they wanted to secure a good deal or have a general election.

“We haven’t seen the proposed deal yet but my honest view at the moment is from the shambolic handling of the negotiations that we have seen so far it is unlikely to be a good deal for the country,” she said.

“Theresa May had a moral duty to deliver a Brexit that put quality of life of our communities right at its heart and based on the shambles that we have seen, I don’t think this has been achieved and I think she has let many people around the country down.”

But Conservative Chief Whip Julian Smith said he was "confident" the deal would pass when put to a crucial Commons vote.

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