Trading Standards

Two arrested after police find fish in van

Police who stopped a Ford Transit van at Brough found a load of fish being incorrectly transported.

Police logo on van
Cumbria police

Two men in the van, from Durham, were arrested on suspicion of a number of offences related to unfair, misleading or aggressive commercial practices.

Over the past few months police and trading standards officials have had a number of complaints from people in various parts of the county about the way fish were being sold by door-to-door salesmen.

Both men were released while investigations continue.

BBC catches rogue traders selling black-market receipts
Traders filmed in a BBC investigation admitted selling up to £20,000 of receipts that could be used to cheat UK taxes.

Potentially dangerous toys and counterfeit good seized in Newcastle

Lucy Moody


About 2,000 potentially dangerous toys and counterfeit goods have been seized from a national retailer's Newcastle branch.

Trading Standards officers, acting on a consumer complaint, seized a number of toys due to labelling issues.

Other items were found to be cheap imitations of genuine safety-checked products.

The council has refused to say which retailer they were seized from.

Cllr Nick Kemp, with the haul of seized goods
Newcastle City Council

Nick Kemp, Newcastle City Council cabinet member for environment, said: “Without knowing exactly what these items were made of we can simply not be certain they would have been safe for children to play with.

“They could have posed all kinds of health risks and it is of considerable relief that they have been removed following a consumer complaint and swift action by our Trading Standards officers."

Officials find allergens in Cumbrian food samples

Cumbrian trading standards staff say they found undeclared allergens in a number of samples of food bought in the county.

The officials carry out regular checks and last year prosecuted two takeaways for having undeclared peanut protein in meals, and the issue has gained prominence after the death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15.

Trading standards staff collected 50 samples from 41 businesses in the county, testing them against claims that the food were free of specific allergens or substances that some people cannot tolerate.

Seven out of 22 takeaway shops failed to provide a requested peanut-free meal, three out of 23 samples supposedly gluten-free were not, and a sticky toffee pudding described as vegan and dairy free contained a milk protein.

To those who suffer from an allergy, even a tiny amount of the allergen contained within food can have devastating consequences.”

County councillor Celia TibbleCabinet member for trading standards

Trading Standards targets fake goods on Facebook


Trading Standards in Somerset is working with Facebook sellers to try to stop fake goods being sold on the social media platform.

It has contacted more than 50 administrators of 25 groups in our area with membership totalling nearly half a million.

Trading Standards says sellers of counterfeit items are often linked with organised crime and in some cases goods can be faulty, or even dangerous, as they don't undergo safety checks.

Facebook has previously said it does not tolerate fraudulent activity.