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Computer game addiction:'I spend 20 plus hours a week gaming'
The World Health Organisation lists gaming addiction as a mental health condition for the first time.
Fire engulfs Glasgow's Mackintosh building
Flames engulfed the world-renowned Mackintosh building for the second time in four years.
The Brexit comic using satire to 'laugh at our leaders'
Illustrator Mike Dicks started The Brexit comic to poke fun at the UK's political leadership.

Untold stories from the Grenfell Wall


Personal stories from people who wrote on the Grenfell Tower wall of condolence. Read their stories.

Sir Elton John: 'Prince Harry has inherited Diana's gift'
The prince has his mother's ability to "make everyone feel equal", says Sir Elton John.
Elton John: 'Social media companies must act on homophobia'
Sir Elton John says people should boycott social media firms if they don't protect users from online homophobic abuse.