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Birmingham headteacher: 'Funding takes us back to 2009 figures'

Continuing our series following a junior school - is the new education funding helping?
Shortly before the prorogation of Parliament, the Prime Minister announced that schools in England were to be given billions more in funding over the next three years.

The World at One has adopted a primary school in Northfield, a deprived area of Birmingham, to follow it over a full school year to see how it is coping with the current shortfalls.

Bellfield Junior School has now gone down to a four and a half day week as a cost saving measure and over the summer holidays it’s had to stretch its budget that bit further to carry out essential maintenance works. 

Emma Jane Kirby re-visits Bellfield to hear how the government's spending promises have been received.

(Photo: Bellfield Junior School website. Credit: Bellfield Junior School)

'Serious issues need to be addressed'

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Infrastructure partner Jon Hart, of Pinsent Masons, says that although the Chancellor has highlighted the importance of investment in UK infrastructure and the need for an "infrastructure revolution", there are many other problems to consider.

"The bottom line is that serious issues need to be addressed," said Mr Hart.

"The long term skills shortage, supply chain management and the potentially damaging impact of post-Brexit tariffs should be high on the agenda.

"To be blunt the need for considered investment has never been greater.”

'These are big spending increases'

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Is there enough funding for the environment?

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BBC environment analyst

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Chancellor says a healthy environment will be the basis for society.

He promises £30m to tackle air quality and £30m for nature, especially the Blue Belt marine programme. He says the UK will make world-leading environmental laws post-Brexit.

He promises £200m for local buses, partly for an on-demand trial.

But there’s no infrastructure cash to insulate cold homes. He says more details on decarbonisation will come later in the year.

It’s a far cry from the £42bn that green groups say is needed to protect nature.

What should the opposition do now?

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More on the budget's fiscal framework

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'Moaning minnies'

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Questions over school funding number

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