Community cinema faces closure

Local Democracy Reporting Service

A community-led cinema is facing closure at the end of the year if it does not get more members.

Screen 25 cinema volunteers
David Cook

Screen 25 has been running in South Norwood for the past four years after it started out as Stanley’s Film Club in 2015.

Creative director Katie Brandwood, said volunteers keep the cinema running two evenings a week but it costs up to £400 a time to put a film on.

To cover the running costs 45 viewers are needed each time, but recently a Wednesday night showing averaged just 23 people.

Marketing manager Cat Mahmoud said there's a lot of local competition.

“It has always been a space for us to join together and share experiences, we try to cater to everyone and we hope we can keep running.”

The cinema shows a mix of blockbusters and independent films as well as inviting speakers for question and answer sessions after some of the films.

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