KFC's UK and Ireland boss talks about the day the chicken chain ran out of chicken
KFC's UK and Ireland managing director Paula MacKenzie talks about the day the chicken chain ran out of chicken.

No Chicken Kiev

Another KFC outlet in Kiev
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KFC opened the doors of a new outlet in Kiev on Wednesday, only to close them again on Thursday, AFP reports.

The fast-food restaurant opened on the day Ukrainians marked the fifth anniversary of the revolution on a spot that served as a hospital during the uprising.

Protestors, demonstrating outside, said the fried chicken shop was disrespectful to the memory of those that died.

KFC has put up a sign saying the restaurant is temporarily closed.

Revenue climbs 23% at restaurant owner Amrest

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Acquisitive independent restaurant owner Amrest Holdings said revenue in the third quarter climbed to €392.3m, compared to €318.5m in the same period a year ago. That's a climb of 23.2%.

Revenue growth was partly down to the consolidation of results of its Pizza Hut chain in Germany which it took over in July 2017.

The figures were also boosted by the purchase of 22 KFC restaurants in October 2017 in Russia, 40 KFC restaurants taken over in France.

It also acquired shares of restaurant business Polska in the period, adding 40 Pizza Hut restaurants in Russia, two in Armenia and two in Azerbeijan.

It acquired six Bacoa restaurants in Spain in July 2018, and said it took over eight KFC restaurants in France in September 2018.

The company has certainly been busy in Europe!