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Facebook's Zuckerberg 'reckless but not evil'

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Mark Zuckerberg
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What is Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg really like? US author Stephen Levy has a good shot at answering that in a book called Facebook, the Inside Story. He had very good access to the company over a number of years, conducting nine different interviews with Mr Zuckerberg himself at various times.

Mr Levy told the Today programme that he thought Mr Zuckerberg was more reckless than evil. "I don't think it's Dr Evil, Mark Zuckerberg, sitting there with his pinky in his mouth thinking, 'Who can we screw today?'" he said in a reference to the villain of the Austin Powers films.

Mr Levy also compared Mr Zuckerberg to Sauron, the Lord of the Rings in JRR Tolkien's book of the same name, recalling an interview in 2006 in which "I asked him some softball questions and he just stared at me".

"He could just freeze everything in the room while those eyes just bore into you," he added.