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    Video caption: Why is everyone fighting over the South China Sea?

    China claims most of it but surrounding countries and the US disagree. The BBC's Zhaoyin Feng explains why.

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    Video caption: Stratford vet tries to save orangutan shot 130 times

    Paul Ramos was in Borneo to film the work being done to save the orangutan population.

  3. Bristol MP calls for Brunei Commonwealth expulsion

    The MP for Bristol West says the country of Brunei should be kicked out of the the Commonwealth.

    Thangam Debonnaire is leading a debate in Parliament about lesbian and gay rights issues today - prompted by that country announcing strict new laws.

    That includes allowing homesexuals to be stoned to death, and public flogging for adultery.

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    Video caption: Brunei: What it is like to be an LGBT person in the country

    Two Bruneians, who have left the country, describe what life there is like for LGBT people.

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    Video caption: Brunei LGBT: Protesters at Dorchester hotel call for Royal boycott

    Protesters gathered outside the Dorchester in London say Britain should cut ties with Brunei over its harsh new punishments for homosexuality.

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    Video caption: Will George Clooney's Brunei boycott really work?

    Celebrities are boycotting Brunei's businesses over new anti-LGBT laws - but will it really pay off?