Stanford sexual assault case

"I was extracted brutally from a life" - US assault victim sheds anonymity

Chanel Miller - known for years as Emily Doe, sexual assault victim - shares her story
Chanel Miller was known for years as Emily Doe, a 22-year-old who in 2015 was sexually assaulted while unconscious at a party at Stanford University.  She wrote a book about how the attack and subsequent trial of the student who assaulted her, Brock Turner, tore her entire world apart.

(Photo: Chanel Miller.  Credit: BBC)

Chanel Miller speaks to BBC Breakfast in her first TV interview in the UK

Chanel waived her right to anonymity after her attacker got a 6 month sentence
Brock Turner charges meant he faced up to 14 years but was given a 6 months sentence, of which he served half. The judge who sentenced Turner has since been removed from his post.