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Tate St Ives has highest ever visitor numbers

BBC Radio Cornwall

Tate St Ives

The Tate St Ives gallery recorded its highest ever visitor figures as the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions announced its annual figures for 2018.

The gallery had more than 300,000 visitors in 2018, the highest number since the gallery opened.

It is the first full year since the opening of its expanded galleries, which doubled the space for showing art and created new studios for learning activities.

The St Ives site opened in 1993 to celebrate the artists who were attracted by the light in the coastal town from the 1930s onwards, including the likes of Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson, Alfred Wallis and Patrick Heron.

Van Gogh: How London inspired a genius

Vincent Dowd

Arts reporter

Van Gogh painting

Vincent Van Gogh's life was a short one but almost three years of it were spent in Britain. A big new exhibition at Tate Britain in London brings together 50 of his pictures - including some masterpieces - to show how life in the capital and the art scene in Britain - influenced the young artist. And how he in turn influenced British artists such as Francis Bacon.

You wouldn't normally visit a major show of work by Van Gogh to find yourself surrounded in the first rooms by paintings and engravings by the likes of James Whistler, Sir John Millais and Gustave Doré. But the new exhibition Van Gogh and Britain is all about context.

Tate Britain has assembled around 100 pictures, half of which are by Van Gogh, who came to London in the spring of 1873 when he was 20. His career as a painter was ahead of him.

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