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    Video caption: 'I'm happy for my family'

    Mike spent more than two months fighting for his life in hospital, three weeks of which he was in an induced coma.

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    Video caption: Bedford woman 'lost hands and feet' as Covid led to sepsis

    Caroline Coster is determined to enjoy her "second life" despite her limbs being partially amputated.

  3. Mum 'helpless' when son developed sepsis on holiday

    BBC Midlands Today

    A mother said she felt "absolutely helpless" when her nine-year-old son developed sepsis after his appendix burst on holiday.

    Seb Owen

    Seb Owen, from Stoke-on-Trent, was in Greece when he was rushed to hospital and had to undergo emergency surgery.

    His mum, Naomi Owen, said other parents needed to be aware of the symptoms of sepsis, also known as blood poisoning.

    "Hearing the words from your nine-year-old son that he wants to die, he feels like he is dying, are absolutely horrendous, and [you're] just feeling helpless as well, absolutely helpless," she said.

    Symptoms in children include fast breathing, a seizure or convulsion, and a mottled, bluish or pale appearance.

    Analysis earlier this year showed one in five deaths around the world was caused by sepsis, with youngsters most at risk.

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    Video caption: Sepsis: Boy learns to walk again after losing legs

    Four-year-old William from Nottinghamshire almost died after contracting sepsis.

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    Video caption: Coronarvirus: The premature baby who survived Covid-19

    Four-month-old Emmanuel survived a 47-day hospital battle after contracting sepsis and coronavirus.