1. A Game of Soldiers

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    Video caption: Two ex-Paras and an ex-Gunner describe the experience of training to kill for us. (1990)

    First transmitted in 1990, this is a film about the psychology of warfare and killing. It includes interviews with soldiers who have killed in the Falklands and other wars.

  2. The Regiment

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    Video caption: Three months with the 1st Battalion of the Royal Green Jackets. (1977)

    First transmitted in 1977, this documentary follows three months in the life of the 1st Battalion of the Royal Green Jackets (also known as the Black Mafia).

  3. Soldier

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    Video caption: Rhod takes part in a British Army training exercise in the Brecon Beacons.

    Series in which the Welsh comedian tries out some proper jobs. Here, he takes part in one of the British Army's toughest training exercises in the Brecon Beacons.

  4. RAF Fighter Pilot

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    Video caption: Stand-up comedian Rhod Gilbert trains to become a pilot with the RAF.

    Rhod Gilbert tries his hand at some proper jobs. In this edition he trains to become a pilot with the RAF, with an eye to co-piloting on an exercise.

  5. Navy

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    Video caption: It's all hands on deck as Rhod takes the helm of one of Her Majesty's warships.

    Rhod is joining the Navy, but that's not good news for a bloke who struggles with seasickness. As he's dunked in at the deep end with the rigorous Royal Navy training regime, can he stay afloat?

  6. Anti-coup protesters in Sudan want democracy

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    Video caption: Violence in Sudan over the weekend saw over 100 people injured.

    Violence in Sudan over the weekend saw over 100 people injured.

  7. From Blighty to Belize

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    Video caption: British troops celebrate Christmas in the jungles and mangrove swamps of Belize. (1978)

    First transmitted in 1978, this programme focuses on the day to day lives of the British troops guarding the Belize/Guatemala border and their celebrations on Christmas Day, 1977.

  8. Sudan coup: Government adviser in hiding

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    Video caption: The coup has been condemned around the world

    To avoid arrest a government adviser has gone into hiding and describes the situation in the country.