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No-deal shipping capacity

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Shipping containers at the Port of Ramsgate
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Shipping containers at the Port of Ramsgate

Shipping handles 95% of UK trade, but there's been a marked drop in the number of UK-flagged ships - those registered in Britain.

It comes at the same time as the government is making contingency plans for a no-deal Brexit, in which it seeks to make sure goods can be transported to the UK at short notice.

Bob Sanguinetti, chief executive of the UK Chamber of Shipping, says that measures are being taken to ensure capacity can be boosted.

"We are working very closely with the private sector and are confident the private sector will deliver, " he told the Today programme.

Suez canal takings jump by more than £275m

Ships transiting the Suez Canal
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The Egyptian government has banked an extra $300m (£276m) from ships that pay a toll to sail through the Suez Canal.

The canal, which almost halves the distance travelled by ships sailing from London to the Arabian Gulf, generated revenues of $5.9bn.

It among the busiest shipping lanes in the world and one of the Egyptian government's main sources of foreign currency.