Jane Austen

Caroline Criado-Perez nominates Jane Austen

Feminist campaigner and writer Caroline Criado-Perez champions the life of Jane Austen.
In 2013, Caroline Criado-Perez successfully campaigned for a woman to be featured on a banknote. The Bank of England chose Jane Austen. Caroline joins Matthew Parris and Dr Paula Byrne, author of three books about the novelist, to challenge some of the myths which surround the life of one of history's most famous writers. 

Matthew discovers how Jane Austen's teenage writings shocked and entertained her family and learns about her grit and determination to be published. He finds out whether there was ever a Mr Darcy in the author's real life and hears why Caroline thinks Austen might just be the Georgians' answer to Fleabag. 

Producer: Camellia Sinclair

Why I dress as a Jane Austen character

Martin Salter has been welcoming visitors to the Jane Austen centre for more than 10 years
If you’re a fan of the 18th century English novelist Jane Austen, you probably know that she lived in the city of Bath in the UK and that she even set two of her novels there. Were she still alive, she would no doubt be bemused that the most photographed man in Bath is based on one of her characters - that of Mr Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. His name is Martin Salter and he is the official meeter and greeter at the Jane Austen centre. Our reporter Pete Simson has been to meet him.

Image: Martin Salter as Mr Bennet
Credit: Pete Simson/BBC