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HIV harassment: Bristol man on the abuse strangers send on dating apps
Aled Osborne faces abuse from strangers because of how open he is about his HIV status.

Pride month: Can 'pink money' take off in India?

Big businesses are eager to tap into the spending power of India's LGBTQ+ community.
India's LGBTQ+ community is believed to be more than 100 million strong, and is openly celebrating pride month. Last year, India decriminalised gay sex, but deep-rooted social stigma remains. 

As more people come out and the community becomes more vocal about its preferences, entrepreneurs and big businesses are eager to tap into its spending power. New ventures targeting queer consumers are springing up in tourism, hospitality, fashion, healthcare and dating.

But there are also concerns that an exclusive 'pink economy' might isolate the community.

In this episode of WorklifeIndia, we ask a prominent transgender rights activist, an award winning fashion designer and LGBTQ+ rights activist, and the founder of a dating and community app for the LGBTQ+ community whether 'pink money' can take off in India.

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, transgender rights activist; Wendell Rodricks, fashion designer and LGBTQ+ rights activist; Ishaan Sethi, founder, Delta App.

Love Island, dating apps and the politics of desire

Shahidha Bari explores the changing landscape of modern love.
For centuries we have met our other halves through family, friends, work, or religious institutions. But they have all now been outstripped: meeting online is now the most common way to meet. Not long ago, finding love online was considered unconventional. Now the ping of dating apps is the soundtrack to many people's lives.
But what does this change mean for how we choose whom to date?
Shahidha Bari, author and academic at Queen Mary University of London, examines the changing landscape of modern love - its dating apps, its politics of sexual preference - and ultimately tries to answer the age-old question: what does Love Island tell us about love?

Producer: Ant Adeane