Mexican general election 2018

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    Video caption: The deadly trade killing Mexicans and Americans

    A smuggler bringing drugs into the US shows the BBC how he returns to Mexico with a car full of guns.

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    Video caption: 'I told him he'd be president' - Donald Trump on Mexico's new leader

    Donald Trump says he told Andrés Manuel López Obrador several years ago that he would become president.

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    Video caption: López Obrador: Shades of Bernie in Mexico's populist winner

    Another populist wins an election, but the new Mexican leader owes more to the left than Donald Trump.

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    Video caption: How should Mexico's López Obrador deal with Trump?

    Mexicans have some advice for the man who's claimed victory in the country's presidential election.

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    Video caption: Mexico election: A grieving widow defies the drug cartels

    Carmen's husband was killed six weeks before Mexico's election - now she's running for office herself.