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Fighting South Korea's spy cam porn 'epidemic'
Soo-yuen Park has dedicated her life to helping the victims of digital sex crimes in South Korea.

BBC Minute: On why you should love K-Pop

Can K-pop fan Lorraine persuade you that K-Pop is the best music in the world?
What if I don’t think K-pop’s for me? What if I’ve never heard any K-pop? K-pop super fan Lorraine might be able to persuade you that it's worth having a listen to. She convinces Jamie from BBC Minute that it's the greatest music in the world. 

(Photo: K-Pop fan Lorraine (left) and BBC Minute's Jamie (right). Credit: Sarah Tijou, BBC)

BBC Minute: On what's next for K-Pop

What’s the future for K-Pop? Our experts, Jeff and Jenna, can tell you
K-Pop has conquered the world in recent years, but what’s the future for it? Our K-Pop experts - Jeff and Jenna – can tell you. They believe the genre can only continue to grow bigger and bigger. 

(Photo: K-pop expert Jeff Benjamin taking a selfie with K-Pop stars. Credit: Jeff Benjamin)

BBC Minute: On K-Pop in Africa

Can K-pop break through in Africa? YFM in Ghana and Splash FM in Nigeria can tell us
Can K-pop make a breakthrough in Africa? The teams at YFM in Ghana and Splash FM in Nigeria share their thoughts, they are positive that the genre can continue to grow across the continent.  

(Photo: Winston (left) and Ella (right) from YFM in Ghana. Credit: YFM, Ghana)

BBC Minute: On finding K-Pop where you least expect it

K-Pop is the new craze in Algeria, where fans have even started speaking the language.
K-Pop is a surprising new craze in Algeria. The hallyu - or “Korean Wave” - has made it's splash in the country, where fans have even started incorporating Korean words into their everyday speech.

(Photo: Algerian K-Pop fans. Credit: Lydia Boubekeur)

BBC Minute: On how K-Pop took over the world

K-Pop is taking over the world and it's only getting bigger
They call it Hallyu, the Korean wave. It’s the global rise of South Korean culture. And that wave made another big splash recently - with Korean boyband BTS dominating the 2018 Asia Artist Awards. People call K-pop a culture, a community.  And it's only getting bigger.

(Photo: K-Pop stars perform onstage during the 2015 Gangnam Hanryu Festival in Seoul, South Korea. Credit: ilgan Sports, Getty Images)