South Korea

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    Video caption: 'Wait a second, am I in a cult?'

    Jess, a former physiotherapy student, was recruited into the Shincheonji Church of Jesus on the campus of the University of Salford.

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    Video caption: South Korea exam: 'I wanted to cry and quit everything'

    Students in South Korea are sitting one of the hardest exams in the world, called Suneung.

  3. The Spy Gone North

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    Video caption: A soldier goes undercover to find out if the North Koreans are developing nuclear weapons.

    Korean spy thriller. An army major in South Korean military intelligence is assigned a mission to determine whether North Koreans are adhering to their commitment to cease developing nuclear weapons.

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    Video caption: Former K-Pop star Henry Lau's art work on show in London

    Former K-Pop boy band star Henry Lau trades the mic in for a tin of paint for his latest project.