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South Korean film: How gender discrimination starts at birth

Kim Ji-Young: Born in 1982 is about a woman who gives up her job to start a family
Kim Ji-young: Born in 1982 is a film about gender discrimination in South Korean society. Named after the lead character, (played by Jung Yu-mi), it follows the story of a woman who gives up her job to start a family, and begins to feel judged by society.  The film has sparked fierce debate online between feminists and anti-feminists, and BBC Korean journalist Hyung Eun Kim has been following the story. 

Photo: Jung Yu Mi, lead actress in Kim Ji-young Credit: Lotte Entertainment
South Korean grannies keeping a school alive
Facing a year without any first graders, a school in South Korea opened its doors to grandmothers.

South Korea gives up developing nation status

Farmers in South Korea
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South Korea will give up its developing nation privileges at the World Trade Organisation.

It comes after US President Donald Trump named South Korea in a list of countries claiming developing country status, arguing this was unfair preferential treatment.

Asia’s fourth largest economy now says it's difficult to be recognised as such considering its economic status.

BBC Seoul correspondent Laura Bicker said many farmers are worrying about losing tariff protections on their crops.

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