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'It is a race against the virus, not anybody else'

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Vaccine trials
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Prof Tess Lambe, who is a member of the Oxford University team that has developed a coronavirus vaccine described the early results as "very promising".

She told BBC Good Morning Scotland it will now be tested at sites in South Africa and Brazil.

Prof Lambe said this will help determine whether populations in other parts of the world generate a different immune response.

She added that, while initial trials focused on those aged 18-55, the next stages will examine older people, including over 70s.

Prof Lambe also hailed the manner in which the global scientific community is pulling together to find a vaccine for Covid-19.

I don't see it as a race against anybody else. I never worked in a field that has been so cooperative and collaborative in my life. It is absolutely a race against the virus, not against anybody else.

Prof Tess LambeAssociate Professor of Vaccinology at Oxford University

Johnson and Hancock tweet support for vaccine research

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Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock in early March
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The Health Secretary and Prime Minister have praised early positive results from an Oxford University trial of a potential coronavirus vaccine.

Congratulating the scientists and researchers involved, Boris Johnson tweeted: "There are no guarantees, we’re not there yet and further trials will be necessary - but this is an important step in the right direction."

Matt Hancock added the latest update was "very encouraging news".

"We have already ordered 100 million doses of this vaccine, should it succeed," he said.

University to launch coronavirus testing service

Oxford University will run an in-house coronavirus testing service for students and staff from September.

One testing site will be based in Oxford city centre with another in Headington.

Appointments will be made online as part of a "comprehensive health regime".

The university said the testing system would "protect our local community" and "ensure the university does not put an extra burden on our local NHS facilities".

It said face coverings will be required during face-to-face teaching and in indoor shared spaces and cleaning will be "significantly enhanced".

Research and teaching spaces will be "adapted to ensure social distancing and appropriate ventilation".

Libraries will operate social distancing, with a seat-finder app planned to help students.

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