Prison governor wants to focus on 'outcomes for prisoners'

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Guernsey Prison

Guernsey's prison governor says he wants to focus on outcomes for prisoners, to help them reintegrate into society upon release.

The Prison Development Plan 2020 has been released, which outlines the changes planned across health, education, reintegration and an electronic tagging scheme, which was just recently started.

When asked about physical violence in the prison, John de Carteret said they did everything possible to keep the prison as safe as possible.

Really where I want to to focus on is outcomes for the prisoners - that's what prison is about. I want the community to understand that we take a positive wrong and we will do everything we can to keep the place as safe as possible, and we'll also be committed to making sure that we keep them safe."

John de CarteretGovernor, Guernsey Prison

'Serious concerns' about post-lockdown prison overcrowding

Good Morning Scotland

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The chief inspector of prisons, Wendy Sinclair-Gieben, says she was impressed with the response of the Scottish Prison Service and the Scottish government to the coronavirus pandemic.

She said the population of Barlinnie prison - which was previously overcrowded - has been reduced to such an extent that 70% of prisoners are now in single cells.

It begs the question over why this wasn't looked at before the pandemic, Ms Sinclair-Gieben says.

And she adds that she has "very serious concerns" that the prison will become overcrowded again once the pandemic is over.

She was speaking to Good Morning Scotland after publishing a report finding that Barlinnie was no longer fit for purpose.