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The ovens powered by garbage

'Community Cookers' save fuel costs as they only use rubbish
Nairobi generates thousands of tonnes of rubbish every day - much of it ending up littering the streets or in landfill.  But now a project called 'Community Cookers' is helping schools and hospitals to set up ovens powered with this rubbish.  Alan Kasujja went to Mirema School in Nairobi to see one in action.

(Photo: women cooking on a 'community cooker' powered by rubbish.  Credit: BBC)
How campaigners fought to stop the off-loading of tonnes of US hazardous waste in Haiti.
How environmental campaigners battled to stop the Khian Sea from dumping America's hazardous waste in Haiti
Deadly flash floods hit Jordan's iconic city of Petra
Video shows the moment deadly flash floods swamped the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.