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    Video caption: Love Canal: The neighbourhood built on 20,000 tonnes of chemical waste

    How a group of 'hysterical housewives' fought to be evacuated from their polluted homes

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    Video caption: Climate change: How to measure a shrinking glacier

    Scientists warn that under the current melting rate even major glaciers are at risk of disappearing.

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    Video caption: Life at 50C: Heat hitting home in Australia

    Cities like Sydney are already experiencing extremely hot days because of climate change.

  4. Sunnyside Ocean Defenders

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    Video caption: A film about Sunnyside Primary School's various eco projects.

    Sunnyside Primary school pupils want to save the planet so they’ve been learning about the best way to do that, from speaking to their local council to meeting big companies.

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    Video caption: Can compost help change capitalism?

    John Cossham wants more people to take up composting to encourage a circular economy.

  6. Will we all live in 'plyscrapers' in the future?

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    Video caption: BBC Ideas explores the benefits of building with wood, for the planet and for ourselves.

    If we made 90% of our new buildings from wood, we could reduce our global CO2 emissions and improve our wellbeing. Tom Heap explores the benefits of living in a more wooden world.