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The Palestinian running to be Mayor of Jerusalem

Can he convince people to break the traditional boycott of the elections?
In October, elections will be held to decide the next Mayor of Jerusalem. Palestinians living in East Jerusalem have boycotted the vote for decades. However, one Palestinian man has just announced his intention to run in the election. 

Aziz Abu Sarah must start his campaign by asking the high court to overturn laws which require candidates to hold Israeli citizenship. 

He spoke to Newsday about his decision to run for mayor and whether he can convince Palestinians to come out and vote. 

(Photo: Aziz Abu Sarah. Credit: Aziz Abu Sarah)
Prince William visits great-grandmother's tomb in Jerusalem
Princess Alice, whose tomb is in Jerusalem, helped to rescue Greek Jews during World War Two.

BBC Minute: On Gaza clashes

What's promoted the latest bloody protests?
Gaza witnessed what's described as the deadliest day of violence since 2014. Some 58 Palestinians were killed and Palestinian officials say around 2,700 were wounded during clashes with Israeli troops. It comes amid weeks of rising tension. We hear from the BBC's Nida Ibrahim, who is in Gaza.

(Photo: A wounded Palestinian protestor stands at the border fence with Israel as mass demonstrations continue on May 14, 2018, in Gaza City, Gaza, Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)