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Venezuela crisis: Maduro shuts border with Brazil

The battle for Venezuela's future is far from over
Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro has closed the border with Brazil amid a row over humanitarian aid. The embattled leader said he could also shut the key border with Colombia to stop the opposition bringing in relief.

Many Venezuelans are struggling to afford basic items such as food, toiletries and medicine due to hyperinflation. However President Maduro denies there is any crisis and believes the aid delivery is politically motivated.

But as the BBC’s Richard Collings now reports, locals are suffering the most as the political crisis drags on.

(Photo: Venezuelans cross a bridge to attend the 'Venezuela Aid Live' concert in Cucuta, Colombia. Credit: Getty Images)
Venezuela crisis: Lawmakers clash with soldiers over aid trucks
Venezuelan lawmakers clashed with soldiers who were stopping trucks from receiving aid at the border.