How the Smiley Face became a million dollar idea
The Smiley Face earns its copyright holder more than £100m a year - but not the man who first came up with it.
New emoji announced

Along with some super cute animals, there are also lots of different kinds of emojis that are designed to be more inclusive! Check them out here!

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Could traditional African symbols become the new emojis?

Twi is the most widely spoken language in Ghana. Will it spread online?
Although English is the official language in Ghana, Twi is the most widely spoken. But has the rise of the internet and technology affected Twi? Isaac Immanuel Opuni Frimpong has been speaking at the digital festival re:publica in Ghana and has been expressing his hopes for the spread of the language online…

(Image: An artisan stamps adinkra cloth in Ntonso, Ghana; Credit: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images.)
lots of emojis

Whether it's a smiley face, thumbs up or a heart... We all love an emoji in a message, but it seems some emojis don't get as much love and are hardly used at all.

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