Prime Minister's Questions

PMQs: Corbyn and May on funding for schools in England
The prime minister says the government is putting a "record level of funding". into schools, after Jeremy Corbyn asks about some closing early on Fridays.
PMQs: Blackford and May on changes to PM's Brexit deal
The SNP's Westminster leader says the prime minister is "ignoring reality" over her Brexit deal and that "her time is up".
PMQs: Corbyn and May on saving British Steel and jobs
Jeremy Corbyn says the government has "again failed our steel industry" with thousands of jobs at risk at British Steel and in its supply chain.
PMQs: Barry Sheerman and Theresa May on Brexit and EU
A Labour MP calls on the PM to speak the "truth about Europe" rather than the "big lie" of those who oppose it.
PMQs: Blackford and May on Brexit and EU elections
Ian Blackford is not impressed with the PM's answer when he asks about a "backroom agreement" to force the Brexit "shoddy deal through".
PMQs: Corbyn and May on foobank for low-paid staff
The prime minister is asked about a government department opening a food bank for its lower-paid staff in central London.
PMQs: Peter Bone repeats call for Theresa May to resign
Peter Bone says local Conservative activists want Theresa May to go before next week's EU elections.
PMQs: Antoinette Sandbach interrupted by loudspeaker announcement
A Conservative MP asking a sombre question is interrupted by an automated announcement.
PMQs: May and Drax on Penny Mordaunt and armed forces
Former Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson was in the chamber as a fellow backbencher asked about his successor, Penny Mordaunt.