Carmarthenshire County Council

Election 2017 Results

Party Seats 2012 Seats 2017 Change

PartyPlaid Cymru

Seats 201228 Seats 201736 Change+8


Seats 201223 Seats 201722 Change−1


Seats 201223 Seats 201716 Change−7
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Latest Updates

  1. Video content

    Video caption: Covid: 'A memory of Christmas in an unusual year'

    There are concerns people will not be able to contribute presents because of the pandemic.

  2. Video content

    Video caption: Coronavirus: 'Smiles all round' for Carmarthenshire care home family reunion

    It is the first time since lockdown families have been allowed to see relatives face-to-face.

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    Video caption: What should happen with Sir Thomas Picton's obelisk in Carmarthen?

    Councillors discuss plans to tackle racism which could lead to review of public monuments and street names.