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The parents of children who died fighting IS visit Syria
Eight Britons are known to have been killed fighting with the Kurdish militia against the Islamic State group.

Concerns over pub conversion into Islamic centre

Some 570 people have commented on plans to convert a disused pub in Ipswich into a Muslim community centre.


The Nawracy Cultural Centre charity supporting the Kurdish community has bought The Mulberry Tree on Woodbridge Road.

It's faced criticism and anti-Islamic abuse after appealing online for funds to turn the building into a mosque.

But Ipswich Borough Council says a different planning application would be required to convert the pub into a place of worship.

The community centre proposal is due to go before councillors later this month.

Turkey election: 'We’ll vote wherever they take our ballot boxes'
Turkey's president seeks re-election on 24 June and Kurdish voters may play an important part in determining his future.
Grab from amateur video showing explosion in background, group of activists in foreground, Ankara (10 October 2015)

Two blasts at a peace rally in the Turkish capital Ankara kill at least 95 people in the deadliest attack of its kind in recent Turkish history.

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Video: Boy hurt 'in police clash' at protest

A video has shown a confrontation between police and Kurdish protesters, during which a teenager was injured.

The Kurdistan Students Union said the boy, aged 17, was "rugby-tackled" by officers outside the Wokefield Estate, near Reading, Berkshire.

Reading protest: Kurdish boy 'hurt in police clash'

A teenager has been injured during a confrontation between police and Kurdish demonstrators in Berkshire.

Injured protestor
Kuridstan Solidarity Campaign

The boy, 17, was "rugby tackled" by officers outside the Wokefield Estate near Reading, the Kurdistan Students Union said.

Thames Valley Police said a protester was taken to hospital but it had no details of injuries.

Protesters said they were trying to blockade a convoy taking President Erdogan of Turkey to a business event.