Justine Greening

House of Commons suspends sitting due to water leak
The House of Commons is adjourned after a leak developed in the Commons chamber.

Sean Coughlan

BBC News education and family correspondent

Teachers say they can't stay up all night answering individual email queries from parents.

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Justine Greening wanted to scrap tuition fees

Sean Coughlan

BBC News, education correspondent

Justine Greening

Justine Greening says she had plans to scrap tuition fees, before she lost the job of education secretary a year ago.

The MP for Putney says she wanted a graduate contribution scheme to fund England's universities where "you wouldn't have a loan, you wouldn't have tuition fees".

Ms Greening says she was worried that tuition fees of £9,250 per year could start to put off poorer students.

The government said its review of fees would make sure there was "value for money for both students and taxpayers".