Gordon Brown

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    Video caption: Gordon Brown on former politicians lobbying successors

    Gordon says government lobbying by former ministers risks being "a stain on our democracy".

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    Video caption: Covid-19 vaccines: Gordon Brown on G7 helping poorer countries

    The US and Europe should each pay a quarter of the cost to help vaccinate poorer nations, says the former UK PM.

  3. New Britannia

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    Video caption: Britain enters the uncharted waters of the post-Thatcher era.

    In the final part of Andrew Marr's national saga, Britain enters the post-Thatcher era. Many have done well during the Thatcher years, but now boom is turning to bust.

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    Video caption: Joe Biden will a natural conciliator, says Gordon Brown

    The former British prime minister on how Joe Biden will change the US presidency.

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    Video caption: Gordon Brown backs Marcus Rashford's call for free school meals extension

    Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called on Boris Johnson to extend free school meals.

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    Video caption: Gordon Brown: Internal Market Bill 'self-harm'

    Former prime minister Gordon Brown has called the government's planned Internal Market Bill "self-harm".

  7. Gordon Brown calls for more Covid-19 testing

    The UK and Scottish governments must radically increase their coronavirus testing targets, former prime minister Gordon Brown has said.

    A report from Our Scottish Future, a think tank launched by the former Labour leader, says testing needs to be stepped up dramatically.

    Mr Brown said the Scottish government's target for a 15,500 daily testing capacity by the end of May is not enough as routine checks on 800,000 key workers north of the border are needed.

    He added: "It's now clear that mass testing across the community is the only way to give people the confidence to get back to work."

    Gordon Brown
    Image caption: Gordon Brown
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    Video caption: Brown: Halting WHO funding is act of self-harm by US

    The G20 must persuade President Trump to back the WHO, the ex-UK prime minister Gordon Brown says.

  9. Coronavirus: Gordon Brown calls for urgent global co-ordination

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    Video caption: The former UK prime minster says the world needs to overcome "aggressive nationalism"

    The former UK prime minster says the world needs to overcome "aggressive nationalism" and act globally.