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  1. Covid-19 case at Royal Mail delivery office

    Royal Mail vans

    Royal Mail said there has been a positive test for coronavirus at its delivery office in Hastings.

    An “enhanced clean” of the office will now go ahead, Royal Mail said in a statement.

    It added: “Working with our people, we have resolved any areas of concern. All colleagues are working as normal.

    “Throughout this crisis, every decision we make puts the health of our people and customers first. We have put in place a range of preventive measures to protect both our customers and our colleagues.”

  2. Royal Mail trials refitted black cab electric vans

    The Royal Mail is testing the use of electric vans for postal rounds in Leeds as part of efforts to cut emissions.

    The vans

    The vans are refitted electric black taxi cabs, though Royal Mail say the design that is ultimately launched will probably be different.

    The first van will be tested in Birmingham, with more to follow in Leeds.

    Royal Mail, which is partnering with the London Electric Vehicle Company, plans to launch more later this year.

    The 2.9 tonne (2,900kg) van will be charged at local Post Offices.

    The battery will last for a typical postal round. It can also be extended if needs be to cope with longer, more remote locations.

    There are currently 295 Royal Mail electric vans in operation, and the new fleet would complement rather than replace these.