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Bristol Pride has been celebrating diversity in a parade through the city
The event was the culmination of two weeks of events celebrating LGBT diversity in the city.

The hard reality behind why Pride is celebrated

The organisers behind Bristol Pride say they are pleased with the turn-out, because it's important the LGBT community are seen and heard.

Speaking to the BBC earlier, Daryn Carter told us that pockets of hatred still exist, even though Bristol is a progressive city:

Bristol Pride organiser says 'pockets of hatred' exist

We spoke to one person who explained how the opposition to his sexuality can feel threatening, even in a simple situation, like dressing up to go out:

Chris Hyde says he can feel safe in clubs, but not out in public if he is 'camping up'

The Proud Parade of thousands

Bristol Pride has been celebrating diversity in a parade through the city. Watch some of the celebrations.

More pictures from 'record' Bristol Pride celebrations

Students celebrate
Spectators enjoying the sun
Ambulance with balloons

'Record numbers' take part in Bristol Pride

'It was very good-natured," said organisers of the parade event which was the culmination a week of celebrations.

Organisers say about ten thousand people took part in the Bristol Pride parade today.

That's three thousand more than last year, with many thousands more turning up to spectate.

There was concern that the revellers, celebrating LGBT diversity in the region, would not all fit into their final destination - Millenium Square - which has a capacity of 9,500.

"Pride is so important to so many people... it's a time to come together and celebrate," said organiser Daryn Carter.

"We are very lucky with the city that we live in, but there are pockets of homophobia, bi-phobia and trans-phobia that still exist.

"Hate crime is still increasing and not being reported. People feel like that can't be open and hold hands in the street.

"That's another reason why we need to be open and celebrate Pride."

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Bristol Pride aims to celebrate sexual diversity and raise awareness of LGBT+ issues.
Glitter procession people
Millenium Square celebrations