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Living through Typhoon Mangkhut on the 49th floor

The super typhoon tested Hong Kong's skyscrapers to the limit
Windows were shattered and buildings swayed as Typhoon Mangkhut hit Hong Kong. The storm - which was given the highest classification of T10 - had previously devastated the Philippines and has since continued to the southern provinces of China.

Patrick Brousseau lives in one of Hong Kong's high rise buildings. What was it like sheltering from Typhoon Mangkhut in his apartment on the 49th floor?

(Photo: Hong Kong in the hours after Typhoon Mangkhut. Credit: Getty Images)
Typhoon Mangkhut: Hong Kong latest to face storm
High winds and heavy rain damage buildings and streets as Typhoon Mangkhut passes over Hong Kong.
A part of an exhibition at Somerset House is bringing Hong Kong to Londoners through smell
Walls smelling of egg tarts, roast duck and opium feature in a London exhibition.
Typhoon Mangkhut makes landfall in the Philippines
Typhoon Mangkhut is expected to bring half a metre of rain, flooding, landslides and storm surges.

How do Hong Kong get their ODI status back?

Hong Kong men's captain Anshuman Rath speaks to Stumped ahead of the Asia Cup in the UAE
Hong Kong made a remarkable turnaround to qualify for this year's Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates - after a dismal World Cup qualifying campaign meant they lost their ODI status.

Fortunately, the ICC has granted ODI status for all of their games in the competition, but captain Anshuman Rath is still unsure as to how they will get that status back permanently.

Photo: Anshuman Rath (Getty Images)