France yellow vest protests

Why is there a backlash against climate policies?

A year on from the 'gilets jaunes' protests, are environmental policies in trouble?
A year ago more than a quarter of a million people took to the streets across France, in what became known as the “gilets jaunes” protests. They began as a reaction to an increase in fuel tax - a tax which was supposed to help the environment, but which the protesters said meant they could no longer afford to drive their cars or get to work.

These were the first high profile demonstrations against policies designed to tackle climate change, but they put a spotlight on a sense of unrest that has spread far beyond France.

So if it is widely accepted that climate change is a real threat, why is there a backlash against climate policies?

Contributors include:

Jacline Mouraud - Original member of the “gilets jaunes”
Matias Turkkila - Editor of the Finns Party
Carol Linnitt - Co-founder of The Narwhal
Simone Tagliapietra - Research Fellow at Bruegel think tank

Presenter: Tanya Beckett
Producers: Beth Sagar-Fenton & Josephine Casserly
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