Derbyshire Constabulary

  1. Initial investigation in to police cell death inconclusive

    David Pittam

    BBC News Online

    Initial investigations have not been able to say what caused a man to collapse and die while in a police cell.

    Mark Pryor, 46, from Derby, was arrested in the city on 4 September for failing to attend court.

    He was taken to hospital after being found unresponsive in his cell the following day and was pronounced dead shortly after.

    Coroner Dr Robert Hunter opened his inquest today and said the initial post-mortem examination had not found any signs of a "traumatic" death or any signs he had been restrained or assaulted.

    Police station

    But it also could not put his death down to "natural disease" at this stage.

    He said more forensic tests are set to be carried out and adjourned the inquest.

    The Independent Office for Police Conduct is also carrying out an investigation.

  2. Police use VR in Taser training in 'UK first'

    Sonia Kataria

    BBC News

    Derbyshire Police says it is trialling a virtual reality platform to help train officers on the use of Tasers in what they claim is a UK first.

    The kit, developed by AVRT, sees officers placed in different scenarios through a headset.

    Police said AVRT has introduced the kit to staff as well as officers from other forces and over the next three months will "put the software through its paces" with a view to it becoming a national product.

    Taser training manager Pete Moss says the result of the training may result in the force saving tens of thousands of pounds by fewer cartridges potentially being used.

    Derbyshire Police trialling virtual reality training tool

    "The realism really does have to be seen to be believed and the work the AVRT team have done to ensure that officers are able to use the same equipment they would when they are out on patrol has been absolutely outstanding," Mr Moss said.

    "Being able to put officers in realistic situations – rather than the staged ones we set up as usual – really does take the training to a new level.

    "With this we can help give officers more time in scenarios, which means they are even better prepared should they need to use a Taser in a critical moment."

    Derbyshire Police trialling virtual reality training tool
  3. Mysterious dog deaths in Derby spark police investigation

    Alex Regan

    BBC News

    Police in Derby are investigating after reports a number of dogs have fallen ill and died in recent days.

    Officers were called on Saturday after a dog died when they became ill in Finsley Walk, Sunny Hill.

    They were told by the caller another dog had recently died and one other had also become ill.

    Lee Rogers, from Finsley Walk, said his pug Lilly was the first in the area to die and believes all the dogs that have fallen ill or died lived either on the same street or in nearby Caxton Street.

    Two-year-old Lilly became ill about three weeks ago with sickness and diarrhoea and died a fortnight ago.

    The 34-year-old said his vet "suspected poisoning" after finding the dog had a ruptured bowel.

    Lee Rogers and his dog Lilly

    He said: "It was pretty horrendous. She was passing blood and being sick. This is a dog which is normally happy-go-lucky.

    "All the other dogs have the same symptoms. It's clearly related."

    He added he understands from speaking to neighbours that as many as five dogs could have died with four or five "fighting for their lives".

    A Derbyshire Police spokesperson said inquiries are continuing "to determine if there are any suspicious circumstances around the dogs falling ill".

    The RSPCA added it has not received any information relating to the reported dog deaths.

  4. Appeal after woman sexually assaulted in Derbyshire

    Greig Watson

    Reporter, BBC News Online

    An appeal for witnesses has been made after a woman was sexually assaulted in Derbyshire.

    The woman, who is in her 30s, was walking along Goytside Road in Chesterfield on the afternoon of 1 August when she was approached by a man.

    Goytside Road

    She was initially asked for money before being sexually assaulted, once in Goytside Road and then again in Boythorpe Rise.

    Police described the man as white with short dark hair who spoke with an eastern European accent. He was wearing a red T-shirt and dark bottoms.