Mystery of Botswana's dead elephants

Hundreds of elephants have been found dead near water sources in Botswana
Hundreds of elephants are dying in the Okavango Delta in Botswana but, as yet, no-one can explain why. 

There's now concern that whatever is killing them could spread further, and that poachers could take advantage of the situation by taking the animals' tusks. 

Kate Evans is founder and director of the charity Elephants for Africa, which has a research camp in northern Botswana.

"It's a completely open border... it's not like elephants can be told to stay at home."

(Photo: Dead elephants are seen in the Okavango Delta.  Credit: Reuters)
How the Covid-19 pandemic is threatening Africa’s wildlife
Park rangers in Africa say the closure of safari tourism is leading to an increase in poaching.

India’s vanishing wildlife

Rapid urbanisation and deforestation are endangering some of India's best loved species.
Many of us love the natural world. We find animals cute, majestic and even fascinating - but rapid urbanisation and deforestation are threatening their population all over the world.

As India hosts an international UN summit to discuss new measures to protect endangered wildlife, it is also facing an increasing risk of extinction of three of these species - the Great Indian Bustard, Asiatic Elephant and the Bengal Florican. In fact, nearly 100 bird species in the country are also at risk of extinction.

Is development coming at a cost of depleting natural resources? Is it time the authorities took stricter measures to prevent poaching, habitat encroachment and illegal trade of animals? WorklifeIndia discusses the reasons and the solutions to mitigate India's vanishing wildlife species.

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Dr Ramesh Krishnamurthy, scientist, Wildlife Institute of India; Latika Nath, wildlife conservation ecologist; Aparna Rajagopal, chairperson, Wildlife SOS

'Mozambican poachers' killed in Kruger Park

Jose Tembe

BBC News, Maputo

Two rhinos in the Kruger National Park in South Africa
Getty Images
Poachers often target rhinos for their horns

Six young Mozambican men have been shot dead this year in South Africa's Kruger National Park, an official in Mozambique says.

The men, all from Mozambique’s Massingir district which borders the park, were suspected of being poachers.

Last year, at least nine suspected poachers from Massingir were killed in the park, one of the world's most famous game reserves.

Hundreds of wild animals are poached there every year, especially rhinos whose horns are highly valued in parts of Asia.

Mozambique’s authorities were working with the local community to try to dissuade young people from poaching, Massingir district administrator Sergio Moyane said.

It caused disgrace and grief to families, leaving widowed women and orphaned children, he said.

We have been using posters, targeting different groups and getting students help to organise debates in communities to say poaching is not a solution

First, it is because it leaves many women widowed and orphaned children. Without the breadwinner, these suffer a lot.

This is a complex issue and generally, we only learn about the deaths when we receive coffins.”

A ranger in South Africa's Kruger Park
Getty Images
Rangers patrol the Kruger Park looking for poachers