Why Gaddafi's home is still a ghost town
Residents of the Libyan city of Sirte say they feel "abandoned" nearly two years after Islamic State fighters left.
IS fighters' orphaned children stranded in Libya
Children like Jumana have been left behind after the Islamic State group was pushed out of Sirte, Libya.
A man walks through the derbris of a house that was destroyed during clashes between Libyan forces and Islamic State militants in Sirte, Libya, November 1, 2017

Amira Fathalla

BBC Monitoring

One year on from a military campaign that successfully expelled so-called Islamic State (IS) from its Libyan stronghold of Sirte, residents complain of the scale of destruction that remains there.

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Boris should apologise 'unequivocally' for Sirte comments

Sarah Wollaston, the Conservative MP for Totnes, says Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson should apologise "unequivocally" about comments he made on the war-torn Libyan city of Sirte.

He said if the dead bodies were cleared away, Sirte could become the "next Dubai".

In an interview on BBC Radio Four's Today programme, Dr Wollaston said the foreign secretary's comments were both crass and poorly judged and he should consider his position.

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Totnes MP says Boris comments 'crass and poorly judged'

BBC Radio Devon

A Conservative MP has said Boris Johnson's comments on a war-torn Libyan city were "crass and poorly judged".

The foreign secretary said Sirte could be the next Dubai, adding: "all they have to do is clear the dead bodies away".

Boris Johnson

His comments at a Tory conference fringe meeting has angered many MPs, including those in his own party.

Totnes Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston said: "These remarks were crass, poorly judged and grossly insensitive and this is from the person who is representing us on the world stage," she said.

"I think it's really disappointing."

Sirte, Libya