Homelessness in the UK

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    Video caption: Coronavirus and homelessness: 'I was living in the back of a transit van’

    Alex has been homeless on and off for 10 years but when the pandemic hit he lost his job as a lorry driver.

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    Video caption: Robert Jenrick on rough sleeping and homeless figures in England

    Rough sleeping has fallen for three years across England, the housing secretary has said.

  3. Greens: 'Will evictions ban be extended?'

    Alison Johnstone

    For the Greens, MSP Alison Johnstone asks the first minister about homeless people, saying that before the pandemic Scotland had the highest number of deaths amongst the homeless in the UK.

    She says that as we recover from the pandemic, and restrictions continue, will the first minister extend the eviction ban and commit to making the winter evictions ban a permanent fixture.

    The first minister says the eviction ban has already been extended and says discussions have been held about making the ban permanent.

    She says it needs to be looked at more closely and says she is open-minded to those discussions.

    Ms Johnstone also asks if the first minister will show more ambition to support poorer communities by increasing household income, providing more free school meals and reducing public transport costs.

    Ms Sturgeon replies by saying that work on these issues is already ongoing but that there is more work to be done.

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    Video caption: Covid-19: Temporary coronavirus housing 'utterly shameful'

    A BBC investigation found people shielding in homes with widespread damp and even rodents.

  5. On Drugs: Should I Give Money To The Homeless?

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    Video caption: Comedian Jacob Hawley explores how drug use affects the homeless community.

    Comedian Jacob Hawley explores the UK drugs scene and how drug use affects the homeless community.