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Taylor Swift ‘most influential’ tweeter of 2018

Taylor Swift
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She's been named by Brandwatch, a social media analysis company, as Twitter’s ‘most influential’ user of 2018 - which is ironic given she's only tweeted 13 times throughout the year.

It's clearly quality not quantity.

Katy Perry came in second - ahead of Kim K, Demi Lovato and Ellen Degeneres.

Taylor, who received an influencer score of 98 out of 100, last tweeted in June after Robbie Williams joined her on stage to perform Angels.

Strong tweet game that Tay Tay.

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Guess who topped the men's list, with an influencer score of 97...

Liam Payne
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Nope - we didn't see that coming either.

Incredibly, One Direction singer-turned-solo star-turned celebrity dad Liam beats Donald Trump, Justin Bieber and Barack Obama to take the top spot.

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Liam Payne: 'Time we treat women with more respect'

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The Strip That Down singer has said media reports linking him romantically with "every female member of my staff" are "demeaning" and need to stop.

Linking to an online article, the singer tweeted: "Isn't it time we treat women with a bit more respect?"

The newspaper story said Payne was photographed arriving at a London hotel with a "mystery" woman on Thursday.

The One Direction star pointed out on Twitter that his team is "full of talented, smart professional women".

He criticised the fact that women end up being linked to him "just for simply standing next to me".

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Liam's since been praised online for his comments...

@LiamPayne as a woman who wants to work in the music industry, I appreciate and thank you speaking out about this.……

@LiamPayne We need more people like you in the music industry to call out articles when they are wrong, and address……