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Tariq Ramadan: #MeToo in the Muslim world
Several women have come forward to accuse Tariq Ramadan, one of the Muslim world’s most famous thinkers, of sexual assault.

Crossing the Line

Actress and broadcaster Jameela Jamil asks how we should navigate consent.
Actress and broadcaster Jameela Jamil tackles the explosive conversation around sexual assault to determine what consent in sex and relationships should look like in a modern, digital world.

The recent sexual assault allegations that have surfaced from the #MeToo movement have radically changed how men and women view consent.

With every new story that comes out, a series of opinion articles are published overnight. Jameela Jamil joined the conversation - and her concise, blunt and cutting article spread like wildfire across social media. In this two-part series, Jameela asks if our legal and moral interpretation of "consent" is no longer fit for purpose, particularly for a new social media and sexually literate generation who behave differently, and expect different standards of behaviour.

The most polarising element of the #MeToo movement has been the fraught debate over what can and can't be considered sexual assault. A variety of commentators have argued that most assaults should fall under the category of bad sex - and that the lines are only clear when it's rape. In the first episode, Jameela investigates the grey areas of sex - the subtle times where it's not clear to both parties if lines have been crossed. These are the moments your partner pushes you further than you want to go, a colleague acts inappropriately or a friend mis-steps completely. 

Jameela hears stories from survivors - both men and women - heterosexual speakers and those from the LGBTQ+ community. She asks why there appears sometimes to be a generational divide among women on this issue and what conversations need to be had to form a definition of consent that all parties can understand and agree on.

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