Easter makeup tutorial: chick

Special FX makeup artist Jessica Parker shares this fun Easter chick makeup look.
Incredible YouTuber and Special FX makeup artist Jessica Parker shows you how to create a cute and cuddly chick makeup look for Easter, or any other occasion! Check out the nest on top of her head!

The chickens making medicine in their egg whites

Dr Lissa Herron explains what they found out from their research
Researchers have genetically modified chickens so that they can provide a cheap way of producing new drugs to treat patients with cancer and arthritis. Scientists from the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland say the egg whites from the eggs produced by these chickens contain medicines which are 100 times cheaper to produce when laid than when manufactured in factories. BBC Newsday's Tom Hagler spoke to Dr Lissa Herron, who worked on the project. 

(Photo: Chicken Credit: Andia/UIG via Getty Images)
Chicken therapy helps 'to calm' autistic children
A learning centre uses chickens to teach autistic children trust and behaviour skills.