Royal College of Nursing

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    Video caption: NHS pay: Staff quitting over 1% pay rise 'a real risk'

    Royal College of Nursing South East Director Patricia Marquis says "significant numbers of expert nurses" may quit the profession.

  2. Election winners asked to hold their word on nurse support

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Twenty successful election candidates are asked to hold to their word to support nurses in Guernsey.

    Of the 38 successful candidates, 20 signed up to lobby on behalf of nurses if they were successfully elected.

    In the run-up to the election, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) held two hustings where 56 candidates signed up to become nursing champions, 20 of whom will be sworn in on Friday.

    The union said it was asking these politicians to stay true to their word and help resolve an ongoing nursing pay issue.

    It said it wanted a clear timetable and firm commitment to address issues as soon as the new Policy and Resources Committee was set up.

    The RCN said it was also keen to get a chief nurse in post as soon as possible, as well as future-proofing nursing on the island through education and establishing a healthcare regulation framework.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Hospitals train nursing staff to work in ICU

    Nurses from other departments are being trained to work in intensive care to help treat coronavirus patients.

  4. Pandemic triggers hope for nurses' payrise

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Guernsey's Convenor for the Royal College of Nursing is hoping the pandemic could bolster healthcare workers' push for a payrise.

    In March, the States made the decision to postpone pay negotiations for its staff and implement last year's offer temporarily, following an ongoing dispute.

    Kenny Lloyd said there had previously been "some constructive talks" between the government and the unions.

    "I would be hopeful that the States of Guernsey, as with all jurisdictions round the world, will have discovered a new recognition of the importance of health services," he said.