Brazil National Museum fire

Why Brazilian people are getting a tattoo of a museum
How staff and students from Brazil's National Museum are coping with the loss of the building after fire destroyed it last year.

The museum on my skin

Why Brazilian people are getting a tattoo of a museum
It's been a year since Brazil's beloved National Museum was destroyed in a huge fire, believed to be caused by a faulty air conditioning unit. 

The museum had one of the most remarkable collections in the world - from prized prehistoric skeletons, recordings of extinct indigenous languages, to the throne of a slave King. Brazil's entire history ran through the Museum. 

After it burned down, Beatriz Hörmanseder, a paleontologist working at the Museum, came up with a unique way to cope with the trauma of its loss. She got a tattoo of the building's facade and set up a project where other recovering students and staff could do the same. 

Video directed and edited by Luciani Gomes and produced by Maryam Maruf for Museum of Lost Objects, a radio and podcast series exploring the personal impact of cultural heritage destruction.
Museum artefacts saved from Brazil fire
Scheila and Douglas Alvarenga acted quickly to save papers they discovered after the fire.
Brazil museum fire: Drone footage
Footage from the air shows the devastation caused by a huge blaze.