Phone Hacking

Mirror owner puts aside more money for phone hacking claims

Mirror newspaper
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Reach Plc has put aside an extra £11m to settle historical phone hacking claims, which it believes will be more expensive than it previously thought.

This brings the amount set aside by the publisher, which owns newspapers including the Mirror, Express and Star, to £86.5m since 2014.

Yesterday, Sun owner News Group Newspapers revealed a £26.7m legal bill related to phone hacking.

How to avoid a cyber scam

What's the best way to protect your money in the digital age?
Many countries are moving towards cashless payment systems. In India too, the trend is picking up. Cards, online banking, digital wallets and other digital payment systems are quite popular.

But this also puts users at risk, as cybercriminals target unsuspecting consumers with different kinds of financial frauds. From ATM fraud to social engineering – where someone tries to extract personal information like a password from you – cyber scams are everywhere.

How can you avoid becoming prey to one? #WorklifeIndia asks how you can protect your money in the digital age. 

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Subimal Bhattacharjee, cybersecurity policy consultant; Puneet Bhasin, advocate and cyber law expert; Trishneet Arora, ethical hacker, CEO – TAC Security Solutions