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Rebuilding of historic mosque destroyed by ISIS

UAE gives $50 Million to save Mosul landmark
The United Arab Emirates gives $50 million to rebuild 800 year old Mosul mosque.   The UAE’s culture minister Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi tells us how they will reconstruct the Al-Nuri landmark and its famous Al-Hadba Minaret.
IS have gone but fear and hatred remain
The BBC revisits Iraq to assess the human cost of the fight against the Islamic State group.

Survival and division in Iraq after IS

IS have gone but fear and hatred remain
The BBC returns to the battlegrounds in Iraq to assess the human cost after the fight against IS and ask whether this is really the end for extremism in the country.
The body collectors of Mosul
Why a group of volunteers is digging out bodies in Mosul's Old City.

Aftermath of the Battle for Mosul

Claims that civilians were killed in Mosul during coalition airstrikes, involving the RAF.
It's 9 months since the group known as Islamic State was defeated in its stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq. But it's still not clear how many civilians were killed in the battle. Estimates vary from more than a thousand -- to more than 10 thousand -- many of them reportedly killed in coalition airstrikes. So far -- only the US and Australia have accepted any responsibility for civilian deaths -- here, the Ministry of Defence says it's seen 'no evidence'. Our defence correspondent Jonathan Beale reports