Conor Burns

A close friend of Boris Johnson explains why the foreign secretary had to resign
Boris Johnson's close friend and parliamentary aide discusses why the foreign secretary had to resign.

Oxfam abuse claims are 'tip of the iceberg'

MP Conor Burns says more stories of abuse within the aid sector will come to light
Conservative MP Conor Burns has told The Westminster Hour that allegations that Oxfam workers paid for young sex workers in Haiti in 2010 are the "tip of the iceberg" of abuse within the aid sector. He said:  "I happen to know the person who brought the allegations of international organised abuse to Priti Patel. He was a university friend of mine, is an academic professor and a former very high ranking official within the United Nations and he brought to Priti, as International Development Secretary, evidence that the United Nations were covering up officials within the UN engaging in paedophile activity whilst abroad on behalf of the United Nations."

Tory MP questions party's Brexit unity

Conor Burns has suggested not all Conservatives will be behind Boris Johnson's speech
Boris Johnson's Parliamentary Private Secretary has suggested some Conservative MPs may not listen to the Foreign Secretary's forthcoming Brexit speech. Conor Burns told the Westminster Hour that Mr Johnson "wants us now to leave the labels of Remain and Leave behind and unite in the opportunities that Brexit presents for Britain". However, when asked by Carolyn Quinn if prominent Brexit supporter Jacob Rees-Mogg and long-time Europhile Anna Soubry would both be listening to that message, he said: "I'm sure Jacob will be."