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What are the rules? Which MPs are under threat? Who has been deselected in the past?

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Tory rebel Dominic Grieve says Theresa May should ask the EU to delay Brexit if she loses next week's vote on her deal.
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Tory rebel Dominic Grieve says MPs have a duty to stop a no-deal Brexit by backing another referendum.

'Long-term economic damage'

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Former attorney general Dominic Grieve says the terms of the draft withdrawal agreement need to be put to the British public.

"As this is going to be pretty irrevocable...and it is going to do us a great deal of long-term economic damage, in those circumstances I would like the reassurance that this is what the public really wants," he tells Today.

"If this is really what they want, so be it, but if not, we would do much better to remain in the EU because we are not going to do better outside, on these terms, or indeed on any terms."